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What do I mean by emotionally married? Good question. From my work as a marriage counselor I have searched for some of the keys to making relationships work. One thing that kept coming up each time I worked with relationships was this idea that struggling couples were missing something. They were missing this key emotional connection in their relationship. They were married yet not emotionally connected. Thus, I decided to make my focus one to help us be emotionally married to one another.

Being emotionally married represents a pattern in the relationship where we work to turn towards each other. The principles of Attachment Theory shape how this pattern should look. We need to learn to love one another in a way that speaks their language and allows each partner or spouse to know they are appreciated, important, and loved. Being emotionally married means we are connected not just by the things we do or say, but by the way we feel. The key is to engage in moments where we are accessible and emotionally responsive that recreate an overall emotional security in our relationship.

I've search the web trying to find a place that I could go to from time to time to be reminded of what works in relationships and how to be happy with myself. I just can't find that place, so we've decided to create it ourselves. The goal is to have a place where you and I can come to find interesting facts and ideas that are key to healthy relationships and healthy lives. I'll keep the posts up to date with exciting new research, interesting facts about relationships, and helpful tips to finding security in relationships and life. Check back often. Feel free to add your thoughts and we will make this a place for relationships!


What is your Attachment Style? Click here to find out how secure you are in your relationship.

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